Founded in 1996 in Belgium, Mentally Fit has grown into a leading global provider of coaching services, with a presence in Europe, Latin America, Africa, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Our diverse team boasts over 20 nationalities, bringing a rich variety of perspectives and expertise.

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Our coaches are the heart of our operations, and though they may have a base camp, their impact knows no borders. They are continuously on the move, energizing organizations and individuals across the world with transformative coaching.

We manage soft skills with hard measurements

IQ is not contagious, emotions are


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In our bestselling book, we provide numerous practical tips to help overcome the daily grind of stress and to achieve excellence without wasting energy. The solutions are simple and within easy reach. Every employee has the potential to become a ‘Corporate Athlete'. How about you? Are you a 'Corporate Athlete' or a 'Corporate Kamikaze'?
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