Mentally Fit Institute is an international executive performance coaching organization. Since 1996, we’ve been coaching all types of performers: from Olympic teams to CEOs, managers and employees. We empower hundreds of individuals, teams and organizations for better self- and people management, improving personal energy, team efficiency and organizational mindset.

Our key insights, inspired by the hard science behind elite sports coaching, are transformed into actionable, high-impact tools to build winning teams, revamp company culture and corporate performance.

SINCE 1996

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Mentally Fit is proud to have coached and trained such diverse achievers as world champions, world-class musicians and corporate movers and shakers, successfully channeling their energy into a winning mindset.


In today’s rapidly-changing business environment, its leaders are required to adopt a more agile management style. The Mentally Fit Institute offers you a program tailored to meet your needs, whatever your position, company size or industry. We have only one objective: to increase human performance. Each year, more than 100,000 participants from leading global organisations attend our programs all around the world.

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Since Mentally Fit’s foundation, we have been invited consistently as guest speakers to several executive management programs at prestigious academic institutions across the globe, demonstrating how our pragmatic, stimulating, sports-generated approach can be profitably applied in such contexts.

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Huge pressure, fierce competition, stamina, demanding audiences, the constant need to improve and to be creative, the mass media… Artists spend their working lives having to deal with all of these elements. We prepare gifted, aspiring young musicians to attain their goal at the right moment and to perform at Belgium's annual world-renowned Queen Elizabeth contest.

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No matter how physically well-trained an athlete is, it’s the mental preparation that will mean the difference between victory and defeat; the sort of preparation offered to athletes by Mentally Fit.
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