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Having a family of professional athletes, it was no wonder that Claudia practiced sports from a young age. Basketball stole her heart from the minute she walked into the sports school that she frequented for many years. Having that said, with a mother playing for the national volleyball team and a father as a professional volleyball referee, her and her twin sister were involved in a variety of team sports. It gave Claudia a sense of belonging, it taught her discipline and to be a team player. It also helped her set up her physical fitness routine that lasts ever since. She knows that if she would try to envision her life without sports, it won’t be the same.

Playing sports created a solid foundation for her future, gave her countless lessons and learnings, a winning mindset, enhanced her teamwork capabilities, and generated a more successful life. As a business coach and communicator today, she uses all of these abilities and mental benefits in her job. After a long international career in more than 11 different countries as a communicator/marketing professional, at Mentally Fit she has the chance to pay it forward, navigating between the word of sports and the corporate world.

As a business coach and entrepreneur, Claudia knows that sports is becoming an industry while the corporate world is being asked to get ‘sporty’ in its strategies and operations. It is an enterprise that provide necessary inputs and support for the corporate world evolution. Claudia’s advice – Always think about the future. The future justifies the present.


Performance business coach at Mentally Fit (since 2017)

Business partner and marketing consultant for Mentally Fit Romania

Master's degree at Academy of Arts, Romania

Professional trainer degree, Romania

Entrepreneur at White Hats SRL

Managing Partner at Heraldist & Wondermarks

Professional communicator and associate roles for many international companies, over 25 years experience

Manager of TEDx Romania

Contributed to a number of 5 books as assistant publisher





Team sports

The future justifies the presence.

Claudia Szanto IN ACTION