Fuentes Garcia

Latin America
Performance Coach


Moisés is a professional Paralympic swimmer, but above all a worthy example of resilience and determination. In his youth, when he was only 18 years old, he was injured on his spinal cord caused by a firearm, which led him to use a wheelchair ever since. However, far from being a limitation, it became his engine of change.

At the age of 20, he started paralympic sport, where he first practiced wheelchair basketball in 1994. But it was in para swimming that Moisés found a way to feel free. In 1995, he began his training in this sport. Since then it has become a Colombian and world reference for its national and international triumphs.


Global ambassador of the International Paralympic Committee.

Bronze medal at the Paralympic Games - Beijing 2008.

Silver medal at the Paralympic Games - London 2012.

Gold medal at the World Championship - Montreal 2013.

Bronze Medal at the Paralympic Games - Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Silver Medal at the Paralympic Games - Tokyo 2020.



Disabled is one who, having everything, does not want to do anything.

Moises Fuentes Garcia IN ACTION