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Valentin has been serving as a Business Developer for Mentally Fit for two years. His journey began in South Africa in 2021, and by May 2022, he became a key member of the Latam team.

Since the end of the previous year, Valentin has been instrumental in optimizing company processes and creating engaging content for LinkedIn. His strategic acumen and innovative thinking enable Mentally Fit to maximize productivity and impact with a lean team.

Valentin’s professional journey is as diverse as it is extensive. He has garnered work experiences in various sectors, including healthcare, trucking, and IT. Moreover, he has lived, studied, and worked in various countries like Taiwan, Canada, and the Czech Republic, fueling his passion for travel and enhancing his global perspective.

In his youth, Valentin was an avid football player until high school. However, knee injuries forced him to halt his sporting pursuits. Despite the setback, he leverages the discipline, teamwork, and resilience instilled through sports into his professional life, driving his success and growth.


Master's degree, International Business



Talents win games, Teams win championships.

Valentin Lager IN ACTION