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Lucas Esteban Santurio is a restless professional. His specialty and greatest passion is the constant improvement of human performance. He works as an Executive Coach in companies and as a Mental Coach in sports. He is a professional with a deep commitment to developing the maximum potential of the companies and institutions with which he collaborates. He has participated in strategic planning and planning for the development and transformation of teams and organizations. He is currently developing different programs for companies and sports teams in constant search of new challenges.

As a Trainer-Coach he served in various First Division Field Hockey teams and National Teams at the highest level for more than 20 years in clubs in Argentina, Switzerland, France, Uruguay and Belgium. He is the sports director and coordinator of various clubs in Argentina, Switzerland and Belgium and Head Coach of the National Junior Women’s Team of Belgium.

He also accompanies the First Rugby Squad of the Buenos Aires Cricket and Rugby Club of the Top 12 of Buenos Aires in the area of ​​Mental Coaching.


Graduated from the Mental Coaching School in Brussels, Belgium.

Graduated in Physical Education.

Postgraduate in Strategic Management oriented to the business world .

Diploma in Cognitive Neurosciences applied to education.

Ex player of the Argentinian National Team and the Brazilian National Team.

Mental coach at Field Hockey Argentinian Federation.


Field Hockey

Sometimes you win, you always learn.

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