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Peter specializes in personal and team development for more than 12 years. He applies his experience from the management sphere where he worked for 8 years as the Head of HR development and where he was responsible for training programs for 2,500 employees in the DIY company of the Czech republic and Slovakia. In the sport sphere he started from an early age. He has chosen the fastest team game and reached the target of a professional player. He applies his collected findings in lecturing and coaching. This combination perfectly fits into the concept of development of human potential, which deals with the company Mentally Fit Institute.


Coach and trainer at Mentally Fit

Professional coach accreditation of MŠMT CZ and ICF (2012)

8 years in personal development, BauMax company (2006 – 2014)

Certification in Negotiation and difficult situations, Coverdal Austria (2009 – 2013)

Certification SAP Trainer (SAP AT 2008)

5 years sales manager position, ADAC Company

20 years of active ice hockey playing

4th place in Europe Junior Cup v Helsinki/Turku (1990)

Professional player of ice hockey in ERSC Amberg, EHC Mitterteich Stiftland (1995 – 1998)

Mercantile and Social Sciences, Sulzbach, Rosenberg High School, (1992 – 1996)


Ice hockey

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