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Marc, as mental coach, worked with many top athletes such as Justine Henin, the Belgian Hockey Team, the Belgian Rugby team, the Luxembourgish Football Team and many others…

His life so far has been about getting the best out of individuals and teams, helping them to thrive and to be at their top. At the same time, Marc has been assisting companies, top managers and their teams in cultural changes and realising their ambitions; helping them on the smallest details that make the difference between a podium or not.  He strongly believes performing under high pressure in the sports certainly has value for corporate people. His collaboration with Academics give the scientific rigour to all his coachings. Passionate judoka, he’s still present in top sport as mental coach. And remember: “You can’t win them all. But you can learn each time!”


Member of the Mentally Fit Team for more than 20 years

Senior business coach for leaders and Direction Committee

Professional coaching certification from Mozaïk (French coaching institute), MBTI Certified

Teacher in academic programs (ICHEC Pme, Henallux, ...)

Lecturer for Chambers of Commerce

Mental coach of teams and athletes at Olympic level, including amongst others, Justine Henin

Former Mental Coach for the Queen Elisabeth Competition (World Cup Classic Music)

Preface of the book “Athlète d’Entreprise”



An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.

Marc Delpierre IN ACTION