we energiSe human performance
on 3 Levels




The Power of Personal Energy

Efficiently managing personal energy is essential for high performing employees, leaders and top executives. This is a big challenge and is quite often neglected. As proven in top level sport, managing personal energy effectively is needed for sustainable performances and to be successful.




The Power of Collaboration

Is your team a group of individuals, a performing team or a dream team? Building high performing teams is about team alignment, team commitment and team growth. When these three are present, it helps in retaining current talent as well as attracting new talent.




The Power of Company Culture

This starts with a great leader! The most effective and impacting leaders stimulate productivity, generate positive energy and optimise all the talent that exists within their teams. With many inspiring examples in cultural change, we assess performance limiting mindsets and help you change them into high achieving mindsets.

Know it, do it, live it

Theory is important but we don't follow the book. We extract the knowledge and ingrain it in our minds. Our main goal is to get people into action and to walk the talk. After all, we do originate from sport.

Our mission is to inject the positive energy needed for optimal human performance. We are eager to stimulate continuous improvement towards sustainable performance. Our passion is facilitating the development of individuals, teams and organisations in achieving their personal goals and collective ambition.


Slow down to move faster

You plan hundreds of meetings a year, but how many pit stops do you have in a year? We provide content-driven pit stops on 3 levels that energise you, your team and your organisation to create sustainable performance in the long run.


Slow down to move faster

You plan hundreds of meetings a year, but how many pit stops do you have in a year? We provide content-driven pit stops on 3 levels that energize you, your team and your organization to create sustainable performance in the long run.


More energy
for high performance

Inspired by elite level sports, validated by research and science and applicable to your business. Our coaching programmes challenge and motivate people for better self and people management, improve personal energy, team efficiency and organisational culture.

Sports inspiration
science validation
business application

Over the last 20 years, our team of global coaches has developed a unique methodology to coach all types of performers from Olympic teams to CEOs,
managers and employees. With our background in elite sports, we are addicted to continuously measuring and boosting progress in all dimensions of human performance.

Keep it simple
Make it visible

The pragmatic Mentally Fit methodology is internationally renowned for its power to change the way companies lead and inspire their people. All our tools are scientifically tested in high performance sports coaching, which makes them extremely action-oriented and therefore extra impactful.

We energiSe companies
all around the world

In the last 20 years we have grown to a team of more than 50 coaches all over the world. Every year we coach more than 100.000 people from many global companies. We are extremely proud to be present on most continents!
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GL EN 01 – Home “The world of sports” The world of sports is a magnificent metaphor for the world of business. GL NL 01 – Home “What makes MF coaches” What makes Mentally Fit coaches different is their passion, scientific knowledge and years of experience. They provided us with concrete tools to make sustainable performance possible. GL EN 01 – Home “IBM” Mentally Fit has an extremely well-structured and inspiring approach to human change. They are essential for IBM in the Benelux. GL EN 01 – Home “The formula of pit stops” The formula of pit stops has proven to be very efficient and has changed the way we lead our company now. GL EN 01 – Home “Excellent mix” Excellent mix of theory and action, great opportunity to share experiences. A refreshing look at the management universe. Perfect balance between sports and corporate world, well translated to our business reality. Surprising and effective!

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