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Lucas Esteban Santurio holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. He is a former field hockey athlete and international coach. As player and coach he served for many years in clubs in Argentina, Switzerland and Belgium and was also representative of the national teams of Argentina and Brazil as a player. In Belgium he worked as Head Coach for U18. Due to its natural leadership and his holistic approach to the people, he decided to join Mentally Fit where he developed himself as business coach and trainer to help different companies get closer to their goals. To further acquaint himself with the life of businesses, he is getting a degree in Strategic Management and reached the title of mental coach. He is a professional with deep commitment to develop the full potential of the companies with which he collaborates by accompanying their leaders, teams and individuals to overcome mental barriers, thereby allowing maximum yield.


Professional hockey player for 14 years

More than 12 years of experience as an international coach (Argentina, Urugay, Switzerland, Belgium…)

Master's degree in Physical Education

Expert and coordinator of the European Mental Coaching Diploma

Mental coach for top sportsmen and national teams (Be Gold Project)

Sport director for 6 years (Switzerland and Belgium)



Hope is not a requisite for entrepreneurship, success is not a requisite for perseverance.

Lucas Santurio IN ACTION