Suited to your specific needs, we train and coach individuals, teams and companies through different formats. We deliver these formats both in real life or online through your preferred platform (MS Teams, Zoom,...).

Keynotes and Conferences

25 to 3000+ people

Want to create maximum impact in a minimum of time? Our conferences are considered powerful mini coaching sessions. We don’t stick to the theory, but combine fascinating storytelling and interactive exercises with live voting to transform performance-limiting mindsets into performance-acceleration mindsets.

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Mentally Fit - Keynotes and conferences

Workshops & trainings

15 per workshop ideally, from employees to executives

Do you want to experience the pragmatic Mentally Fit tools yourself and implement them in your day-to-day business? In our workshops, we actively assess the deep rooted behavior on individual, team and organizational level. Through learning by doing we install sustainable and high-performing mindsets.

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Mentally Fit - Workshops

Individual Coaching


Do you want to boost your personal performance? Do you want to grow as a business or team leader? In our individual coaching session, we will personally challenge and guide you to your next level of performance.

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Mentally Fit - Individual coaching