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Andres is an industrial engineer and practitioner in neuro‐linguistic programming certified by Richard Bandler. Despite the traditional background of his profession, and after 3 years of working for Siemens as commercial solutions in customer services of the healthcare sector, leading different workshops, sales meetings with top costumers increasing the installed product base indicator of the company, he set his new focus of his career in human resources, organizational development and social empowerment.

Since 2010, the social sector allowed him to discover this passion through different experiences as volunteer in non‐profit organizations such as AIESEC with 4 years working in talent management and training, and social projects coordination giving classes for children and young students to generate social inclusion through art and sports; and since the end of 2013 with the International Art of Living Foundation taking many basic and advanced courses of yoga and meditation and more recently as instructor of the Breath, Water and Sound Program, an empowerment course for vulnerable population.

The last 2 years, he decided to become a true change agent in his country by starting to work in politics, first in political campaign and then as the coordinator of social projects of the representative Juan Carlos Lozada Vargas. Through the design of many events, workshops, and forums, he established effective communication channels to empower the community, especially with activism and social organizations that cares about environment, animalism, culture, music, spirituality, among others. Our greatest goal has been our Animal Protection Bill that is about to become a National law after many years of failed attempts.


Support and advisor team for the political campaigns to the Bogota Council, the Mayor of Bogota and Colombia’s Presidency

Teacher of “Breath Water Sound Program”. The Art Of Living Foundation, Colombia

Leader member of the pilot countries team of the project of implementation of CRM platform for all Siemens Healthcare Latin‐American Customer Services departments

Internal Auditor of Standard ISO 13485. Certified by SGS Colombia

Practitioner in neuro‐linguistic programming, certified by Richard Bandler

Awarded as the integral member of 2011 in AIESEC Rosario Local Committee

Industrial Engineer, Universidad Militar Nueva Granada

Self-knowledge is the first step to empowerment. Empowerment is the first step to leadership. Leadership is the first step to success.

Andres Ramirez IN ACTION